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Why You Should Never Leave The Site After A Minor Accident

auto accident coeur d'aleneNot all car accidents are life-threatening; sometimes, just a light tap of two cars can occur. If you have checked your car and there is hardly any apparent damage, it may be tempting to drive away and not deal with police officers and insurance companies. However, this is not a good idea. It is always best to ensure that even minor accidents are handled appropriately.

Injuries Are Not Always Immediately Apparent

Even after a minor fender bender, the first thing you do is to make sure that everyone in your vehicle is okay. Then, you likely check to ensure that everyone in the other vehicle is uninjured. However, even a small impact can cause the body to go into shock, and it does not always register if damage has been done to it. Injuries often only appear hours or even days after an accident. 

Injuries to the head and neck are very common during car accidents, even minor fender benders. It is important to ensure you are not injured to any degree. If you are, it is essential to report this to your insurance when making your claim. If you worry you are more injured than you immediately appear to be, it is essential to check with a physician who can assess the damage and tell you whether or not you are okay.

Car Damage Is Not Always Immediately Obvious

After a minor car accident, the second thing you do after ensuring everyone involved is okay and to check your car for damage. Scratches, dents, or broken headlights are always more apparent. However, sometimes the damage to your car is less visible, and you may only realize it once you have already driven away from the scene.

It may not be immediately apparent that your vehicle’s frame has been warped. Maybe you thought a minor dent was the only problem. However, if the frame is out of shape, it could lead to leaks in your vehicle. You may notice that you can suddenly hear the wind much louder while driving, especially at higher speeds. Or perhaps if you drive in the rain or snow, you notice that there is water inside your car, and it is more challenging to defrost your windshield because a lot of the freezing is happening on the inside. These kinds of problems are harder to see immediately. If you leave the scene of an accident without calling the police and exchanging insurance information, you may miss out on compensation for vehicle repairs later down the road when you discover damage you did not see at first.

Auto Accident Coeur D’Alene

Another essential thing to make sure of following a car accident is making sure your rights are protected by reaching out to an attorney. Beck Law can provide legal advice regarding providing a statement for your insurance company following an accident. Using an attorney can ensure you receive all the help and compensation you are entitled to following an auto accident in Coeur D’Alene.

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