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How To Respond To An Auto Accident

auto accident coeur d'aleneAfter an automobile accident, there are some actions you need to take to not only comply with the law but also ensure everyone’s safety and begin the insurance claim procedure. We understand how overwhelming auto accidents are, and knowing how to respond can seem confusing when dealing with the aftermath of an accident. 

Auto Accident Coeur D’Alene 

Regardless of whether you were at fault for the auto accident or not, the following steps will help you react appropriately when you find yourself dealing with an auto accident. 

  1. Check for injuries that require medical assistance. If you, or anyone else involved in the accident, are seriously injured, do your best to be still, call for help, and wait for emergency personnel to arrive. Your personal safety, and the safety of others, are of the utmost importance following an auto accident, so put that first. If the situation allows, move to the side of the road, away from the wreck and out of the way of other oncoming traffic, and wait for help to arrive.
  2. Alert authorities as soon as possible by calling 911 or asking someone to call for you. According to Idaho Statutes section 49-1305, ‘the driver of a vehicle that was involved in an accident in Idaho must immediately report the crash if it resulted in: injury to or death of any person, or. Damage to the property of any one person in excess of $1,500.’ We recommend calling the police any time you are involved in an auto accident. The responding officers will record the situation and fill out an accident report – which will be needed to make a claim to insurance and get it processed quickly. The responding officer will also help you exchange information with the other party involved (if there is one), to be sure that all information is correct and accurate. This is, again, vital to filing your insurance claim and an adjuster being able to make an accurate call on who is at fault.
  3. Keep a record of everything that occurred, from the name of the officers who responded, to the information given by the other party, and even take pictures and videos to document the auto accident as thoroughly as possible. You should also ask for a copy of the auto accident report from the police. If there were other witnesses, it is a good idea to ask them for their contact information as well if they are willing to share.
  4. Begin filing a claim with your insurance as soon as possible by notifying your insurer. We suggest calling them directly from the scene so they can walk you through everything they will need to process your claim. You have insurance for a reason, use it when you need it most. In fact, many will even help set up alternate forms of transportation or towing when necessary.

If you feel overwhelmed by the entire process, or need a legal representative’s help to ensure you are represented and get reimbursed correctly, give our offices a call. Here at Beck Law, we specialize in auto accidents here in Coeur D’Alene and can help you when you need it most.

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