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Beck Law Offices Has Obtained Millions of Dollars for Our Clients in Work Accident and Injury Cases

img-5Beck Law Offices has represented thousands of workers who have suffered from work accidents and injuries.  In Idaho, injured employees have certain rights. One of the most basic rights is the right to receive compensation for certain injuries and illnesses that result because of work accidents and injuries. For example, if an employee has been injured on the job, they are usually entitled to receive the costs of their reasonable and necessary medical treatment and lost wages. They are entitled to receive compensation for injuries that result in permanent impairment and disability.  They may also be entitled to the costs of prescription medications, medical devices, and other items that can reasonably accommodate their work injury and disability. When a work-related accident and injury happens to an employee, the results can be very traumatic to both the employee and his/her family. Prolonged back pain, neck pain, hip pain, knee pain, and head or brain injury are often involved. Injured employees will likely need help with payment for medical expenses, lost wages, and other out of pocket costs.

We recently obtained a large settlement for a work injury client that will pay our client significant monthly income for the rest of our client’s life!  We were also able to help our client receive a large, up-front cash payment as part of the settlement. We also assisted our client in obtaining social security disability benefits that will pay our client additional monthly income for the rest of our client’s life. All of these things put together, have resulted in our client being in a position to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars of income over the client’s lifetime, as well as receiving a very large up-front cash payment. We are pleased to have represented thousands of clients during our almost 40 years of aggressively representing injured clients throughout all of Idaho.

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